Unlike other "essential" book editing and promotion services, many of which are ineffectual by nature, our menu is concise and clear, based simply on those jobs that need to be done by publishing authors - no tricks, just sleeves up and hands dirty!  

Although our services are suitable for those who are in the process of self-publishing or submitting their book to publishers and agents, perhaps unsurprisingly our fast-growing editorial services client-base has primarily comprised more experienced, often traditionally published novelists than novice ones - view OUR PORTFOLIO to take a look.  We believe the reason for this is simple: our editing services are carried out the old-fashioned way, by eye and hand of skilled craftsmen (we use proofreading software absolutely minimally), and meticulously double-checked; the quality of our work is widely respected.  Complementing this, the book promotion methods we use are simple and entirely necessary, embracing the most up-to-date social technology, as well as what we believe to be the most comprehensive database of book reviewers ever compiled (we know this, because we created it)!  

For those still in the manuscript stage we provide copy-editing, proofreading, e-book conversion for .ePUB and Kindle, and print-ready paperback typesetting; for those preparing to submit we can offer beta-reading and synopsis services; and for those who are launching, check out our essential Twitter Campaigns and submission to book reviewers and bloggers service.

We are a proud member of the SfEP (Society for Editors and Proofreaders) and can be found listed in the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook, and a lot of other places, too.  

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Listed in the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook
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