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The MJV Literary Quality Guarantee

While no editor can guarantee their work will be 100% error-free, we want all of our authors to instruct us with confidence, and to create long-lasting relationships with them.  We therefore promise that if you find any grammatical errors we have missed, or experience any technical issues with the manuscript versions we produce, we will happily amend and/or repair them without quibble or any further charge.  We can guarantee that, when instructing a copy-editing or proofreading service, we will always carry out TWO human editor checks AND software checks as standard.  





We can only guarantee work we have ourselves carried out; the guarantee does not apply to any content which has been changed, amended or added by the author or anybody else following completion of our instruction.  If we feel your issue relates to work added or amended after completion, we reserve the right to cross-check the manuscript in question against the one we returned to you. Unfortunately this means we cannot promise to offer the guarantee beyond 12 months after completion of the instruction, as we are not permitted to retain your manuscript any longer than this under GDPR data regulations.

The guarantee does not imply free rewriting by us if the author has changed their mind about formatting and text styling, such as from Oxford English to American English.  The author is expected to make this preference clear at the point of instruction, and will be given the opportunity to do so.

The guarantee will not be applied in relation to author preference in cases where we are in fundamental disagreement about grammar.  We can not accommodate author preference of grammar we consider incorrect.

In the case of created book versions, the guarantee will only apply when the version is used specifically for the purpose or platform it was specifically created, i.e., Amazon KDP; Adobe Digital Editions; Kindle, etc.  However, we will always endeavour to assist authors who are experiencing problems with their chosen platform.

The guarantee will not necessarily apply to those services or products we refer to as "complimentary" or "bonus products".  Again, however, we will always do our best to help you with whatever problem you may be experiencing with any of the book versions we have returned to you. 

Your statutory rights always apply and are unaffected.

MJV Literary Quality Guarantee
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