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Authors, Get Online With Our Essential Website Building Service!

Put all your books and social media in one place...
A functional author website built for you, by us,
for just $199!

Connect all your social media.

Feature and sell your books online.
Keep readers updated about your events.​
Embed a blog to serialize and sample your books.

You can even include audiobites.

Optimized for desktop and phone screens.

What you'll get:

  • Simple, one-off building fee and just $10 per month hosting.
  • Completely built by us - up and running in days.
  • Choices of styling and colour palette.
  • Includes hosting with Yola and free sub-domain.
  • 6 essential pages, fully SEO-optimized and data-law compliant.
  • Add your own custom domain free of charge.
  • Full, ongoing support for as long as you have the website.
  • No contract - cancel at any time without notice.

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Getting started on your website is as easy as this...

You've published your books, got your social media profiles and now you need a web presence, to get everything under one roof.

For just $199 we will build you your eye-catching, fully functional author website within days, powered and hosted by Yola.  You don't need to worry about a thing - all we need from you are your specifics, high-resolution images (book covers, etc.), social media handles and any additional content; just let us set up your Paypal subscription for hosting and we'll take care of the lot.


To visualize and plan your website, please go ahead and take a look at our example website.




Your website will be hosted by Yola, but you will be dealing with us; you don't pay them a penny and we will be your website managers.

We charge just $1o per month for as long as your website is running; there is no contract and no sneaky "charged annually" tricks to worry about.  Any time you want to stop paying for your website just let us know and we'll unpublish it - that's all there is to it; no catches and no hidden costs.

After we have built and you have approved your website, we will send you a link to set up your recurring Paypal subscription of $10 per month; your first subscription payment will be taken immediately, then on the same date monthly thereafter.  If you decide at any time that you do not wish to continue with the service, just let us know and it will be cancelled, and your website unpublished, before the next billing date. 


Please note that Paypal Subscription payment is not a direct debit, but a standing order from your chosen source, and can be cancelled without notice or penalty at any time.  You do not need a Paypal account to set up a recurring payment to Paypal.  

You can learn more about Paypal Subscriptions here.




If you decide at any point in the future to add pages or functions to your MJV Literary website, or make other modifications or changes, don't hesitate to get in touch; we are experienced website builders and will happily provide additional labour, charged via invoice at an hourly rate of $20.  Just get in touch, tell us what you want changed or added and we'll provide you with an estimate.


Nothing, at the moment.  If you're interested in purchasing one of our websites simply hit the button below and we'll send you all the information you need, an empty folder and your questionnaire - just fill out the questionnaire with information about your website and fill the folder with your images.  


Your images should be high-resolution and at least as big as they'll appear on a webpage.  If the file sizes are too large to fit in a single folder (max. 25mb), no problem; just send them separately to the same email address as the folder.

If you have a CUSTOM DOMAIN (e.g.,, send that to us at the same time and we'll apply it to your website at no extra cost; it's all part of the service.  Without a custom domain your website address will include a "" suffix.

"Do I need a custom domain?"

You don't need one to publish a website, as a free one will be assigned by Yola, but it definitely looks more professional.  We don't charge more for using your custom domain and it can be applied to an existing website at any time.  However, please bear in mind that if you leave it too long to update you will lose all the SEO juice and any backlinking your existing domain has garnered to date.

For more information about and to purchase a custom domain you should visit a website domain company and check your preferred name's availability, such as Crazy Domains or GoDaddy.  Unless you are representing an organization or business with your book then we recommend a simple ".com" suffix, rather than a ".org" or ".co." domain.  If you are not sure what domain would suit your website, please don't hesitate to ask and we will suggest what we think.  


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