By Michael Irwin

Ten years in the making, this real-life journal of a drug trafficker's 6 years behind bars is a revelation, and has become an invaluable resource for criminology professionals - it is as close to living the reality of prison life as most of us will ever get.  

Prolifically written, Michael's first journal entry reveals his first days in prison, awaiting trial, while the last entry ends the book on the day he leaves.  In between, Michael shares with us his criminal trial, sentencing fears, life behind bars, physical and mental health concerns, his loves and his regrets.  We also share his joy and pride at his successful efforts to turn his life around.

This inspiring book is a must-read for anybody who feels unable to rehabilitate, and a fantastic resource for those with loved ones - or themselves - facing time in prison.


Michael Irwin was born in Belfast in 1967, and grew up with "The Troubles" a part of his daily life.  In July 2007 was arrested at Gatwick airport, attempting to smuggle cocaine into the UK - he received a 12 year prison sentence.  Throughout his time in prison, he lived with lifers in notorious institutions including Durham, Brixton and Maghaberry.  Michael used his time constructively, writing his biographical journal daily, and spending his days reflecting, studying and counselling other inmates.

In 2014 he received his BA in Criminology and Psychology from Queen's University, Belfast, and later achieved a Masters in Criminology.  Since his release, has become a highly sought after, regular guest speaker, appearing in prisons, universities, and on BBC television and radio shows, campaigning for reform to the prison system, and championing prisoners' mental health issues.

"MY LIFE BEGAN AT FORTY" is published by L.R. Price Publications, and is available to purchase from their website, priced at £13.99.


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